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Currently nursing a broken hand, so I won’t be at work for a little bit.

Was cruising down the Skogsmys-trail in Gesunda last Sunday (Sep 13th) and somehow became airborne and sideways all in one go.

Took a tree to the chin and right knuckle and that was that. Bumped and bruised here and there but sustained a open fracture on one finger, and 3 hairline fractures on some of the other fingers.

Right now I have a metal plate taped to my little finger, looks weird. 2 more weeks and it should be healed and I’ll be back on the pumpbike as fast as I can.

The season has come to an end so now it’s all fun and games for a bit before the more serious winter exercises kick off.

Next weekend I’ll be down in the south of Sweden coaching Robin and Elisabeth for the Vallåsen DH challenge. It’s looking to be a good event!


At long last I have put the time in to get a domain registered and this space opened up.

A slight departure from the online community a while back, say 6 or 7 years, is now to an end.

In no way do I intend to update this every day, just every time we have been out taking pictures or perhaps raced.

Stay tuned and you might see something you like, autumn is around the corner, we’ll start off with a berm and some roost.

Autumn berm.

Autumn berm.