Current events

Events going down during the season, both races and other stuff.

Swedish national downhill & 4x cup

Vånga (DH:1 + 4X:1) 21-22 May

Ekerö (DH:2) 28-29 May

Gesunda (DH:3 + 4X SM) 18-19 June (SC)

Eksjö & Motala (4X:2+ 4X:3) 30-31 July

Falun (DH:4 + 4X:4) 17-18 September

Åre (DH:5) 1-2 October (SC)

Scandinavian downhill cup

Gesunda 18-19 June

Hafjell, Norway 13-14 August

Oppdal, Norway 10-11 September

Åre 1-2 October

Swedish national championship

Timrå 16-17 July

Nordic championship

Kungsberget 24-25 September

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