Hovden Bike Park

During the 2009 season I spent a fair few weeks in the lovely Norwegian mountains planning and surveying a new bike park.

The ski resort in Hovden boasts a 1200m peak and some really stunning views as you progress down the mountain.

At first you descend on exposed mountainside, hit the treeline and cruise through the curled up birch woods. Our building philosophy has been to “keep it singletrack, keep it looking nice” and not intrude too much into nature.

It seems a lot of bike parks just drag in the diggers, build 3-5  really wide motorways of dirt down the mountainside and are content with just that.

Our design will hopefully be a departure from this and we hope riders will appreciate the trails as well as the scenery. We will be using diggers and building stuff, we just try to minimize it. Where we can, we integrate features into the landscape as cleanly as possible.

Up till now the work has been all manual labor, machines are being utilized from September and onward until the snow starts getting hold of the mountain. Pictures will be posted as soon as progress has been made!

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