A cyclist of quite diverse background.
My main interest lies with gravity assisted bike racing.

Add in a bit of Italian food, technocracy, Gothenburg, squash playing, good coffee, some nice tunes, track building, good friends and there you have me.

Regarding the use of English instead of Swedish, quite a few friends don’t speak or read my native language too well, so there you go!

I reside in Gothenburg, Sweden together with fiancé Elisabeth. Ride a vast array of bikes and race downhill mountainbikes semi-professionally.

Want to get in touch? Send me an e-mail here.

Jon in Norway 2009

Jon in Norway 2009


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  • Kommissarie says:

    Hej Jon.

    Såg på din hemsida att du hade funderingar över att SCF skickat 3 kommissarier till en Cup-tävling i Vallåsen. Vad jag kan begripa går det åt minst 3 st på denna typ av bana, 1 st vid start, 1 st utefter banan samt 1 st vid mål. På längre banor “typ” Åre går det definitivt åt fler kommissarier.


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