News for 2011!


Partners for 2011

Hello, I can finally announce my 2011 program for you guys!

And it is; Tribe.

I will be teaming up with Mongoose, Peugeot, Troy Lee Designs and Marzocchi for the season. We will participate in races, visit bike parks and have a good time riding bikes!

Tribe will be able to offer a select few riders from different walks of the cycling community grassroot support. And we will offer anybody who would like to test out our wares a ride on some really great bikes!

Peugeot/ are supplying a sublime Peugeot Boxer for Tribe to stuff full of goodies and hit the road.

Mongoose/Marzocchi Sweden (Vartex) will have the Boxer stocked with well equipped DH and trailbikes for people to try out.

Troy Lee Designs/ will have Tribe set with the best quality riding gear to keep us looking great and to keep us safe.

I’ll be on hand for our riders and anybody who wants do drop by and have a word, we will have some spares if you need to tinker and some tools to finish the job.

Personally I’ll be riding the Mongoose Boot’r for DH, the Mongoose Nugget for trailriding and the Mongoose Fireball for DJ/Pump/general abuse.

Marzocchi have set me up with a 888 (Evo RC3 Ti) for the DH, a 44 (RC3 Ti) for the Nugget and a 4X (RC3) for the Fireball. Marzocchi have recently gotten a new service partner in Sweden, Vartex, who handle service and distribution of the Italian brand.

Behindbars have set me up with really sweet Gamut chain guides and chain rings, Nukeproof hubs/grips and  some other pieces of bike porn.

The plan is to race every Swedish and most Norwegian races, we may pop abroad to race some bigger events as well.

Drop by Tribenet for info about our program, we will update our whereabouts on our upcoming blog, here on my page and through our Facebook group.

I hope to see you all this season!

/ Jon

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