Stone cold winter

It’s truly a solid winter outside!

Here in Gothenburg there is a 20cm sheet of ice covering just about everything. Spike tires on!

Finalizing a few things now, everything always works out slow during the winter. Very, very soon I can reveal the details on what kind of program I will be on for the 2011 season, very excited over this indeed!

I have updated the race schedule, so check that out (current events). New for this year is a joint effort between Norway and Sweden that has resulted in a Scandinavian cup.

Two of the Norwegian national races and two of the Swedish national races will double as Scandinavian cups, so hopefully a lot more racers will attend those rounds! :D

Me an Elisabeth will probably race one or two world cups on top of this, and one or two more races in Europe.

We are booked in for a visit to Malaga (Switchbacks) in late March, can’t wait! Meanwhile we carry on with our winter training in preparation for 2011.

I snapped a pic from the latest slalom practice:

Will be back with a lot of news soon!


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