Swedish Cup #3 Gesunda

Travelling up to Gesunda just outside of Mora keeps you on your toes.

Always an elk or some other large animal lining the roads!

Me, Elisabeth, Robin, Erik N, Manfred, Jon B, Oliwer K, Alex M and Even B shared one of the big cabins.
Lots of random things go down when you mix people from different places, racing different
classes and being of differing age in a small space for the weekend!

The porch:
Bikes bikes bikes!

Actually, me and Elisabeth went up a few days early to just relax and ride in the bike park
for a bit of fun. Midsummers eve was going to be during the weekend and we wanted just a bit of time on our own before all hell broke loose in Gesunda.

The track is a good one, one of the better ones in Sweden, pretty short but contains a lot.
Here are a couple of pics from the track:

Foto: Per Petersson Foto: Per Petersson

The second picture is not far from the finish, pretty fluffy material (think dry peat) made for interesting track conditions. Those holes were basically waist deep come raceday!

Helped the race organizers tape up the course on Thursday, it was supposed to have been
done by the park personnel (one guy at that point) but he was quite ill.
A bit of a blow to the guys and girls that handle the cup, but I guess that’s how it goes.

They do a hell of a job, handling problems with tracks, timing equipment and whiny racers all at the same time. A big up to you people!

Practice went pretty well, the course was not changed much and you get into it pretty quickly.

Elisabeth Foto: Magnus Schmidt

A few tricky spots of course, hard braking into a section of rock slabs got everybody thinking a lot.

Foto: Magnus Schmidt

Quite strange to celebrate mid summers eve at a race venue, but we were not deterred. We broke out of Gesunda, headed to Mora and shopped food til’ we dropped.
What could be better that eating the classics (herring, potatoes, meatballs etc.) and having a good time with your friends? No, didn’t think so!

We were blessed with good weather for the practice sessions, and also for the race.

Foto: Magnus Schmidt

I was going to take it steady for my quali, turned out a bit wild though, went off course on the top half because of me clipping a rock with my pedal.

Had a good feeling for my race run, felt light while pedaling and a good mindset, it came together quite well and landed me in fourth spot on the day

Foto: Kristin Svenson Foto: Kristin Svenson

Brushing in quite close to the guy in third (a couple of tenths back) made me a bit sad, but that guy being my friend Patrik Sjögren Fritz made that alright.

Way to go Patrik!

Alexander Kangas places first and gained himself a cup leaders jersey, Herman Öhlund came in second.

Among the girls Lina S took it in front of Elisabeth with a small margin, Josefine B came in third.

We had a really good time, thanks to the weather, the racing and our fully loaded cabin of nutters. :)

Now, on to Kungsberget!

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