Hovden bike park preview

This past weekend it was time to revisit Hovden to
check on progress of the bike park I have been consulting for there.

Me, Mårten Kihlkrans and Anton Odbro packed the car full of bikes and
camera gear for a nice road trip to the mountains of Norway.


Hovden will open their new family trail officially at the end of July, the more
advanced trails are under construction as you read this.

The bike park were in need of pictures for their marketing and the goal was two straight days of shooting.

We left Gothenburg late on Friday, making it to Hovden a few minutes shy of three in the morning on Saturday.


Four hours of sleep later we found ourselves eating breakfeast, slightly “jet lagged” by the car trip.

My friend Mats who works at the bike park had us set up in a really plush alpine apartment, the lack of sleep got pushed away as and we ventured out to the mountainside.
Met up with the guy operating the digger for the bike park, he shuttled us up the mountain a few times before the weekend lift started up.

The bike park is being built with very modest means, but I was relly impressed by how far they had gotten with the build, having a digger on site makes a lot of difference!


First trail to be finished is the “family trail”, which is meant to cater for all the bikers on the mountain.
It is quite a long, twisty singletrack-esque trail that can be ridden by everyone, including beginners on hardtails and kids.

We had good weather on Saturday, some clouds here and there but I think Mårten got some good shots off.


jonhopp fotoslas

Many hours on the mountain equals weary cyclists and photographer, we got treated to a great lunch down at Hovden square!

That night we discussed the new trails with Mats, the red trail (which is half done at this point) will be ready late this summer if all goes to plan.

It will start out up top as well, more jumps, speed and technical difficulty will keep the more experienced riders happy on this one.

Later on in the year a race course will be constructed, there is a lot of steep terrain to use up top in Hovden and the race course will naturally take one of the gnarliest routes down. A more technical route for freeriding will be opened during the 2011 season, but where it will be situated on the mountain is yet to be finalized.


Woke to the sound of rain hammering the roof, we all chilled for a while with a slow breakfast until it subsided, then we hit the mountain again!

We were joined by two locals, Sunniva and Chris for the Sunday shoot. Chris was without a bike but graciously shuttled us topside. The danger of lightning had put the lift on hold, so we could not rely on getting up that way.


I donned the GoPro and followed Anton down once, check it out:

Jon Kanon track @ Hovden from Chainlife on Vimeo.

It seems the track is named after me, yay. :)

Weather conditions were not ideal for getting “the view” behind riders on Sunday, so we focused more on close ups and side shots down in the twisty wood section.

We wrapped up at four in the afternoon, said our goodbyes and drove back home.


I would like to extend a big thanks to our friends on location, things are progressing nicely for them and I wish them a good opening weekend at the end of July!

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