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What are your plans for 2011?


Tribe are looking for eight riders for the 2011 season!

The riders will get e good deal on gear from Troy Lee Designs / MX4ALL and a sweet deal on a DH bike from Mongoose / Vartex.

Check out Tribes blog for the details!


News for 2011!


Partners for 2011

Hello, I can finally announce my 2011 program for you guys!

And it is; Tribe.

I will be teaming up with Mongoose, Peugeot, Troy Lee Designs and Marzocchi for the season. We will participate in races, visit bike parks and have a good time riding bikes!

Tribe will be able to offer a select few riders from different walks of the cycling community grassroot support. And we will offer anybody who would like to test out our wares a ride on some really great bikes!

Peugeot/ are supplying a sublime Peugeot Boxer for Tribe to stuff full of goodies and hit the road.

Mongoose/Marzocchi Sweden (Vartex) will have the Boxer stocked with well equipped DH and trailbikes for people to try out.

Troy Lee Designs/ will have Tribe set with the best quality riding gear to keep us looking great and to keep us safe.

I’ll be on hand for our riders and anybody who wants do drop by and have a word, we will have some spares if you need to tinker and some tools to finish the job.

Personally I’ll be riding the Mongoose Boot’r for DH, the Mongoose Nugget for trailriding and the Mongoose Fireball for DJ/Pump/general abuse.

Marzocchi have set me up with a 888 (Evo RC3 Ti) for the DH, a 44 (RC3 Ti) for the Nugget and a 4X (RC3) for the Fireball. Marzocchi have recently gotten a new service partner in Sweden, Vartex, who handle service and distribution of the Italian brand.

Behindbars have set me up with really sweet Gamut chain guides and chain rings, Nukeproof hubs/grips and  some other pieces of bike porn.

The plan is to race every Swedish and most Norwegian races, we may pop abroad to race some bigger events as well.

Drop by Tribenet for info about our program, we will update our whereabouts on our upcoming blog, here on my page and through our Facebook group.

I hope to see you all this season!

/ Jon

Stone cold winter

It’s truly a solid winter outside!

Here in Gothenburg there is a 20cm sheet of ice covering just about everything. Spike tires on!

Finalizing a few things now, everything always works out slow during the winter. Very, very soon I can reveal the details on what kind of program I will be on for the 2011 season, very excited over this indeed!

I have updated the race schedule, so check that out (current events). New for this year is a joint effort between Norway and Sweden that has resulted in a Scandinavian cup.

Two of the Norwegian national races and two of the Swedish national races will double as Scandinavian cups, so hopefully a lot more racers will attend those rounds! :D

Me an Elisabeth will probably race one or two world cups on top of this, and one or two more races in Europe.

We are booked in for a visit to Malaga (Switchbacks) in late March, can’t wait! Meanwhile we carry on with our winter training in preparation for 2011.

I snapped a pic from the latest slalom practice:

Will be back with a lot of news soon!


Plans for next year…

I have a small riddle of sorts for you.






































Not so hard, was it?

Swedish Cup Finals Stockholm/Flottsbro

Here we go!

Got the Friday off to get myself, Elisabeth and Josefine up to Stockholm in time for late practice.

We showed up just in time for the rain to start, nice!

The Flottsbro track has almost always looked the same, you start in the open piste and then you hit a rock section, after that you pedal for 50m and then you hit some switchbacks, done.

However, the good people up in Stockholm mixed things up this year by taking away the switchbacks, adding two sprint sections, a bit of forest and a couple of jumps. Much needed rest for the switchbacks. ;)

The changes were good, but the weather had fouled things a bit, a double jump in the open looked like it came from a MX track with 6-8 deep ruts in the face. The track crew tried to fix it with some gravel, but it was all to soft in the base, and it caused a lot of people trouble.

Photo: Magnus SchmidtPhoto: Magnus Schmidt

Practice went pretty well, my hand (thumb) was feeling a bit better, my riding was a bit stiff though!

We (me, Elisabeth, Josefine, Manfred and Jon B) crammed ourselves into the five person (yeah right) cabin after spending a couple of hours cleaning all the muddy snot off our bikes. Tacos all around, and everybody tried to relax and not poke anyone’s eye out while moving about the accommodation.

Jon B seemed to be falling ill, pulling a fever and looking like a dead guy. Uh oh!

Saturday, qualification day and 4X

After a good nights sleep on a bed slightly more comfortable than a two by four covered in land mines I started to check the track properly.

Took a few runs with Patrik Sjögren Fritz (roosting him and some photographers quite badly in the process) and settled on my lines.

Photo: Jenny Kedén Photo: Anki Eriksson

Spent some time looking at people going over (not always over) the aforementioned sketchy double, endo city I tell you.

About 10 minutes before my time slot it started drizzling slightly, then the wind picked up, then it started pouring down properly! My run was…. interesting. Dropping into the first piste section I got sprayed with mud like there was no tomorrow, good fun!

Enjoyed sliding around during the run, but stalled a bit in the rocks, no top ten for me and no points. Feeling full moto everywhere so that kind of compensated. :)

Photo: Anki Eriksson

Elisabeth got the job done and qualified first among the women, unfortunately Lina S took a digger on the rutted out double, knocking her out more or less.

Yet again waited in line for an hour to wash, good to grab a shower after all that.

We got the waterproofs out and went to see the 4X-people duke it out in the mud. Holy shit, the 4X course looked miserable! We took position at a big double and enjoyed the carnage. Josefine was one of the poor bastards who doubled up with the DH, the kid is made of steel! She did well considering riding a big rig, not optimized for gate starts.

Photo: Magnus Schmidt

Martin Söderström showed for DH-qualis and also rode the 4X with good success, he got second behind Felix Beckeman. That guy has some talent on a bike!

Anyhoo, we took the car to Huddinge (Hoodinge?) to get some food, Jon B now really really sick and everyone feeling that they would probably get his bugs, he looked as pale as a goth at this point.

Race day!

Pulled a few runs during the morning, weather was better but the mud was pretty sticky, gears bogged up after a two runs. :)

Photo: Magnus Schmidt

It was drying more and more as the different classes got underway, Elisabeth did the business and took the win in the womens, yay!

Photo: Magnus Schmidt

My quali was sub par so I started early in the elite class. Rode pretty steady and had good sprints on the straights, but yet again stalled in the rock section. Had to unclip to fix the situation, rode the rest of the track well. Came down to take the hot seat but I knew this was not going to last for very long. With such a short track and only one “difficult” part, the top ten in the elite class were going to be neck and neck.

Got bumped after a few riders and then it was downhill from there. ;)

Manfred put in a good run and got 8th, I think I ended up in 15th, hah, nasty! Photo: Magnus Schmidt

Pretty shitty weekend of racing for me, very happy for my girl though. Won the race, won the cup and got a trip with Switchbacks as icing on the cake.

The light in the tunnel is that I did place fifth in the cup, very pleased with this! Considering the people in front of me are more or less full time cyclists makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. ;)

To sum it all up

So, this season of racing is done. It has been a roller coaster ride as always. Good riding mixed with bad, being on form mixed with injury. It’s all good.

One more weekend of riding (Hafjell) and then my bike will be sold and the prep for next season will begin.

Will be visiting the doctor to check out the ligaments in my hand, hopefully I will not need surgery on that, just some solid rehab or perhaps just rest.

Nothing really resolved yet for next year in the bike/gear department yet. I do however have a few meetings to look forward to during the next few weeks, I’ll update as things come along.

One thing is for certain, I’m enjoying the riding and racing a lot more again. Looking forward to building a good base during the winter, and looking forward to 2011!

Photo: Jenny Kedén

Some fresh stuff from Eurobike.

So Eurobike rolled around the past weekend, just wanted to show some of the stuff that was on display.

A few things you may have seen before if you follow the big bike forums, but it’s always fun to see upcoming stuff anyway. :)

88 First off, Trek have revamped their Session 88 frame. It now has built in fork bumpers, redesigned swingarm (straight drawn lower arms instead of having a welded joint whare the tube bends) and slightly beefed up main triangle with a downtube protector.

formula_11 This is rumored to be Formulas new brake offering. Featuring a very adjustable lever on the master cylinder and oval pistons in the caliper. Weight, as always, stupid low!

urge1 The updated Down-O-Matic helmet from Urge. The 2011 version will feature a new visor.

urge2 Some more colour offerings from Urge.

More info on colourways from Urge as I get it!


Hovden bike park preview

This past weekend it was time to revisit Hovden to
check on progress of the bike park I have been consulting for there.

Me, Mårten Kihlkrans and Anton Odbro packed the car full of bikes and
camera gear for a nice road trip to the mountains of Norway.


Hovden will open their new family trail officially at the end of July, the more
advanced trails are under construction as you read this.

The bike park were in need of pictures for their marketing and the goal was two straight days of shooting.

We left Gothenburg late on Friday, making it to Hovden a few minutes shy of three in the morning on Saturday.


Four hours of sleep later we found ourselves eating breakfeast, slightly “jet lagged” by the car trip.

My friend Mats who works at the bike park had us set up in a really plush alpine apartment, the lack of sleep got pushed away as and we ventured out to the mountainside.
Met up with the guy operating the digger for the bike park, he shuttled us up the mountain a few times before the weekend lift started up.

The bike park is being built with very modest means, but I was relly impressed by how far they had gotten with the build, having a digger on site makes a lot of difference!


First trail to be finished is the “family trail”, which is meant to cater for all the bikers on the mountain.
It is quite a long, twisty singletrack-esque trail that can be ridden by everyone, including beginners on hardtails and kids.

We had good weather on Saturday, some clouds here and there but I think Mårten got some good shots off.


jonhopp fotoslas

Many hours on the mountain equals weary cyclists and photographer, we got treated to a great lunch down at Hovden square!

That night we discussed the new trails with Mats, the red trail (which is half done at this point) will be ready late this summer if all goes to plan.

It will start out up top as well, more jumps, speed and technical difficulty will keep the more experienced riders happy on this one.

Later on in the year a race course will be constructed, there is a lot of steep terrain to use up top in Hovden and the race course will naturally take one of the gnarliest routes down. A more technical route for freeriding will be opened during the 2011 season, but where it will be situated on the mountain is yet to be finalized.


Woke to the sound of rain hammering the roof, we all chilled for a while with a slow breakfast until it subsided, then we hit the mountain again!

We were joined by two locals, Sunniva and Chris for the Sunday shoot. Chris was without a bike but graciously shuttled us topside. The danger of lightning had put the lift on hold, so we could not rely on getting up that way.


I donned the GoPro and followed Anton down once, check it out:

Jon Kanon track @ Hovden from Chainlife on Vimeo.

It seems the track is named after me, yay. :)

Weather conditions were not ideal for getting “the view” behind riders on Sunday, so we focused more on close ups and side shots down in the twisty wood section.

We wrapped up at four in the afternoon, said our goodbyes and drove back home.


I would like to extend a big thanks to our friends on location, things are progressing nicely for them and I wish them a good opening weekend at the end of July!

I need a vacation.

We had a few days off after Gesunda.

We tried, really tried to not ride our bikes, just chill and do something different.

We failed.

We went to Hafjell instead!

No words, just some pics.

Hafjell is beautiful in the morning
25 km of gravel road, welcome to the north

Swedish Cup #3 Gesunda

Travelling up to Gesunda just outside of Mora keeps you on your toes.

Always an elk or some other large animal lining the roads!

Me, Elisabeth, Robin, Erik N, Manfred, Jon B, Oliwer K, Alex M and Even B shared one of the big cabins.
Lots of random things go down when you mix people from different places, racing different
classes and being of differing age in a small space for the weekend!

The porch:
Bikes bikes bikes!

Actually, me and Elisabeth went up a few days early to just relax and ride in the bike park
for a bit of fun. Midsummers eve was going to be during the weekend and we wanted just a bit of time on our own before all hell broke loose in Gesunda.

The track is a good one, one of the better ones in Sweden, pretty short but contains a lot.
Here are a couple of pics from the track:

Foto: Per Petersson Foto: Per Petersson

The second picture is not far from the finish, pretty fluffy material (think dry peat) made for interesting track conditions. Those holes were basically waist deep come raceday!

Helped the race organizers tape up the course on Thursday, it was supposed to have been
done by the park personnel (one guy at that point) but he was quite ill.
A bit of a blow to the guys and girls that handle the cup, but I guess that’s how it goes.

They do a hell of a job, handling problems with tracks, timing equipment and whiny racers all at the same time. A big up to you people!

Practice went pretty well, the course was not changed much and you get into it pretty quickly.

Elisabeth Foto: Magnus Schmidt

A few tricky spots of course, hard braking into a section of rock slabs got everybody thinking a lot.

Foto: Magnus Schmidt

Quite strange to celebrate mid summers eve at a race venue, but we were not deterred. We broke out of Gesunda, headed to Mora and shopped food til’ we dropped.
What could be better that eating the classics (herring, potatoes, meatballs etc.) and having a good time with your friends? No, didn’t think so!

We were blessed with good weather for the practice sessions, and also for the race.

Foto: Magnus Schmidt

I was going to take it steady for my quali, turned out a bit wild though, went off course on the top half because of me clipping a rock with my pedal.

Had a good feeling for my race run, felt light while pedaling and a good mindset, it came together quite well and landed me in fourth spot on the day

Foto: Kristin Svenson Foto: Kristin Svenson

Brushing in quite close to the guy in third (a couple of tenths back) made me a bit sad, but that guy being my friend Patrik Sjögren Fritz made that alright.

Way to go Patrik!

Alexander Kangas places first and gained himself a cup leaders jersey, Herman Öhlund came in second.

Among the girls Lina S took it in front of Elisabeth with a small margin, Josefine B came in third.

We had a really good time, thanks to the weather, the racing and our fully loaded cabin of nutters. :)

Now, on to Kungsberget!

Moving pictures: Lite som amerika.


Vera Strandell Almé just finished editing a lot of film from last years cup.

Really liking the edit/music!

Here we go:

Lite som Amerika — En essä om svensk downhill mountainbike 2009 from nolltid on Vimeo.